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Conflict Resolution

We have extensive experience working effectively with boards of directors, management, family businesses and creditors in resolving their various issues and disputes through the many phases of business life. We are adapt at bringing parties together to resolve complex and sometimes emotional issues that inhibit the continued viability of their organization.

In today’s competitive business world, conflict is normal, but unresolved conflict threatens the viability and future success of an organization by hindering morale and diminishing results.

Each conflict is unique in its subject matter and circumstances. All cases require an individualized approach to build a permanent bridge to conflict resolution.

A proactive, individualized approach eliminates the frustration that ferments to the point of losing organizational efficiency. Bringing conflict to closure happens when all underlying interests are met. A unilateral change in position by one party alone doesn't produce permanent results. BCI will work closely with you, your team, and other stakeholders to bring about early conflict resolution, which lowers transactional and emotional costs, allowing the organization to thrive.

BCI has the expertise and experience needed to effectively resolve conflicts by finding solutions that bridge the divide between frustration and forward progress, which is vital to your organization's continued success.

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