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Corporate Governance

Through our many years as members of Boards of Directors we have gained a wealth of experience on corporate governance issues. These include strategic planning, succession planning, risk management, audit and compensation and management organization. We are an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Corporate Governance is the system by which companies are governed. The board of directors is responsible for the governance of the company; they are elected by the shareholders.

The major responsibilities of the board of directors

Appointment of Officers is the responsibility of the board of directors.The officers are charged with the authority and responsibility of managing the organization.

Strategic Planning and direction of the enterprise is the ultimate responsibility of the board of directors. It is one of the most important functions of the board. The strategic plan is prepared by management and presented to the board for discussion, review and approval.

Risk Management is a key function of the board of directors to insure the enterprise is managed in the most effective way possible with the minimum risk.

Management Succession planning is to guarantee a continuing group of managers able to effectively fulfill positions as they arise throughout the organization as the result of transitions and retirement of officers and employees.

Management Oversight of enterprise progress and financial performance on a continuing basis throughout the company’s fiscal year is a critical function of the board of directors.

Appointment of Auditors and review of their work to insure the accurate reporting of financial and operational performance is a critical board responsibility.

BCI has the expertise and experience needed to effectively resolve conflicts by finding solutions that bridge the divide between frustration and forward progress, which is vital to your organization's continued success.

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