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Lender Relations

With our long term relationships and record of performance with the financial institutions we are able to provide both lender and borrower with an informed realty check on the issues of corporate viability and the recovery of value. Our established credibility with these financial institutions allows us to represent borrowers with solid credentials and to overcome the divergent interest of all parties in coming to a satisfactory conclusion on the issues.

BCI has over a forty year history of representing clients with financial institutions, which in many instances were overleveraged situations. Our situation analysis is very forthright with both our client and the financial institution. This history allows BCI to come to the negotiating table with great credibility to represent our client.

We are able to negotiate with Lenders; turnaround plans that work for our client and that are acceptable to the financial institution. In some cases this may involve BCI finding a new financing source for our client.

BCI has the expertise and experience needed to effectively resolve conflicts by finding solutions that bridge the divide between frustration and forward progress, which is vital to your organization's continued success.

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