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As a turnaround industry leader we are committed to problem solving for companies in distress. We are adapt in working with managements to bring back operational and financial stability. We have helped hundreds of satisfied clients in numerous situations and industries to restore their businesses to profitability and success.

Turnarounds or Crisis Management is the sciences of guiding companies through periods of crises in their business life.

Quick action is required to stem negative cash flow and to understand the critical issues that are responsible for the crises.

In conjunction with senior management a restructuring plan must be developed and quickly implemented. We work with management as consultants to insure the implementation of a turnaround plan. In some cases we will assume the role of Restructuring Officer. We do all of this with minimal disruption to the enterprises.

Negotiations with Lenders are frequently required as credit facilities are in default. Our history with financial institutions makes us an extremely credible advocate for our clients.

New Capital is sometimes required to complete the turnaround or restructuring process. We keep an active database and are in close contact with capital providers who are seeking to finance companies in transition.

BCI has the expertise and experience needed to effectively resolve conflicts by finding solutions that bridge the divide between frustration and forward progress, which is vital to your organization's continued success.

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